The Most Un-Cool Mom Ever – Guest Post on Ooph

Check out my post on Ooph – Stefanie Mullen’s website for parents of teens and tweens.

I’m so uncool!

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2 comments on “The Most Un-Cool Mom Ever – Guest Post on Ooph
  1. Uncool must be the new cool.

  2. Adam S says:

    Great topic Kristen. Looking ahead, I’m so torn about how I would handle situations like that. I don’t have kids (yet?), but I always think about which parent I’d be. There is such a huge gap between your parents and parents today. Its gotta be tough. It would be hard for me to not put myself in my kid’s shoes (at the party). I remember how mortified I would be whenever it was my folks blowing the whistle. But, it was always with good reason — we did a lot of dumb shit. Looking back, there were many times where it was probably a good thing that someone intervened. I think you’re right on with how you’re handling it. Its a fine line always. Kids need to be social, but at what expense? Good luck~

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