Men Who Wear Masks Get More SEX!

My take on mask wearing featured today on Slackjaw!

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Okay, so maybe this study hasn’t been completed, or published yet, or even started for that matter, but simple deductive reasoning leads to the obvious conclusion that men who wear masks have more sex.

Stay with me here, men.

Across America, many parents have been stuck at home for months with their children, tasked with overseeing their homeschooling. And who’s doing the lion’s share of monitoring the homeschooling? Moms. We don’t need a study to confirm this.

“But I helped Sage with his math worksheet.” Yeah, yeah, yeah. Let’s give you a freaking medal for that one time you helped your son learn to multiply by threes. Let’s be honest here: the moms are doing most of it, and that’s in addition to laundry, cooking, grocery shopping, and feigning interest in Zoom calls with their office staff.

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2 comments on “Men Who Wear Masks Get More SEX!
  1. My wife asked me to put a paper bag over my head. Is that the same thing?

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