My Husband Used the Big Spoon

(Posted today on The Boomer Cafe)

Photo by Callan Brakeman

That’s twice this week that he used the big spoon. It struck me as odd when I emptied the dishwasher. Now, three days after that, I see that he’s used it again.

I shouldn’t give it another thought because my husband Forrest does all the cooking. I should just be thankful. How many wives wouldn’t be thrilled to have their husband cook even one day a week, let alone all seven? Still, it’s one of our special serving spoons, the kind we use when we host Christmas dinner, not an everyday spoon. We have plenty of those. In fact we have an abundance of spoons.

So why, after 31 years of marriage, and 12 months of Covid seclusion in the same house together, day after day, night after night, with both of us mostly unemployed, would he suddenly use one of our special spoons? It would be like me putting on a cocktail dress to run to the UPS. (read more on Boomer Cafe)

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