Martinis & Motherhood – Available today!!


The book I’m in is available on Amazon today!

From the Press Release:

June, 16 2015 – Mom’s Night Out is set to have a new theme starting this June when Tipsy Squirrel Press releases its first anthology, Martinis & Motherhood: Tales of Wonder, Woe & WTF?!

The book pairs up short and relatable stories of motherhood with customized martini recipes inspired by the tales themselves.

Shannon Day of Tipsy Squirrel Press explains, “The book is filled with the kinds of tales we like to share on a Mom’s Night Out. They will make you laugh, cry, and realize you’re in good company.”

The custom martini recipes in the book are aimed at women living in the thick of motherhood including such mixes as “The Pelvic Floor,” “The Trench,” and “Motherhood Paradise.”

In addition to contributions by Wilson and Day, the book features writers from Canada, the USA, Europe, and Southeast Asia.

The motherhood-themed book launches on on Tuesday, June 16th, and is available to purchase in both print and Kindle versions.


Here is a list of the other writers featured.

(excuse my extra spaces – could not get rid of them for the life of me)

Team Wonder

Lynn Morrison
Angila Peters
Magnolia Ripkin
Louise Gleeson
Jocelyn Pihlaja
Alison Huff
Leigh-Mary Barone Hoffmann 
Shannon Drury 

Patricia Mirchandani
Lauren Stevens
Cordelia Newlin de Rojas
Sarah Deveau
Team Woe

Shannon Day
Tara Wilson

Vicki Lesage
Abby the Writer 

Brooke Takhar
Kate Parlin
Christina Antus
Jennifer Baird- Dean
Sara Park
Tamara Schroeder
Kristen Hansen Brakeman 
Lori Lu Green LeRoy

Carolyn Mackenzie
Team WTF

Susanne Kerns
Sarah Halsall del Rio
Lisa Webb

Jessica D’Andrea Kapp

Kim McDonald
Lisa Carmody Doiron

Olga Mecking 

Holly Rust 

Kathryn Leehane
Kirstenjill Hudkins Robbins
Kristine Laco
Andrea Mulder-Slater

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13 comments on “Martinis & Motherhood – Available today!!
  1. renobarb says:

    It’s a fun book-I loved your piece about when will it be your turn–a question every mother asks herself (my sister-in-law asked that question for years until the last of her children launched themselves into adulthood). Great anthology!

  2. Congratulations, Kristen! I’ll get it on Kindle and spread the word. I know lots of people who will love this book.

    • Thank you – much appreciated!!

    • Yay! That’s super. Thanks. 🙂

      • Hi, Kristen, I’ve finished the book and really enjoyed it. I’m not much of a drinker, but I loved the problem-specific martini recipes, too! Your story brought back a feeling I had some years ago, when we were still trying to work out the problem of my visiting a dear friend who lives about 3 hours from my husband’s childhood town, which we were visiting every year. The day I was leaving to go visit her, I found he had made plans to hike to a neat waterfall with his cousin’s family, who were my absolute favorite relatives of all time! When I read your story, that same sinking feeling hit me like a tidal wave and then repeated every time you talked to your husband and girls on the phone. How dare they have such a good time when I’m not around! I also empathized with your feelings about visiting your mother-in-law, as that was part of our scenario, too. My in-laws were already spending every winter with us, so I wasn’t crazy about 3 more weeks with them every summer. I thought going to visit a friend part of the time was the perfect solution. Though they were really nice, I felt enough was enough. After the waterfall hike incident, we finally worked out that I would visit my friend at a separate time of year, and that helped a lot. We also didn’t stay as long. Now we’re retired, with parents deceased, but your story was still able to trigger the emotion I felt way back when! I’ll post a review on Amazon–maybe not right away, but soon. Best Wishes, Catherine

      • Thanks so much Catherine – for your comments and reviews. Yeah I think you nailed it – the idea that they were having so much fun without me was what stuck in my craw. But in all fairness as a mom I’ve had way more outings and fun time with the kids than my husband has gotten. thanks again! Kristen

  3. oneta hayes says:

    Whoa Ho! Congratulations.

  4. Kristen, we are grateful to have you, and your funny tale, in our book!

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