I’ve Been Translated!

Hey, I’m big in Germany !

My 10 Parenting Tips The Experts Won’t Tell You column was on Huffington Post Parents and then got translated for the German version of Huffington Post.  For some reason I find this thrilling!

Check it out here

And the English version here

Also – I wrote a piece for LitFactor  – about trying to get published.  It’s called “Writers Write and Other Lies”  Check it out here!

After this post, I promise not to jaw on about writing anymore and actually do some.


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13 comments on “I’ve Been Translated!
  1. enissa says:

    Conrats! I hope I get to this point soon

  2. enissa says:

    How long have you been blogging any quick tips?

  3. Petit Manan says:

    This is on Writers Write! and other Lies. Self Publish your book and start working on the next one. You’ve done a great job of building a following, readers love your work already. Let them read your book too! 🙂 Don’t allow the gatekeepers to hold you back.

    • Thank you!
      I know – still considering. My concern is that I’ll publish it and be lucky to sell two hundred copies. But more thank likely I will end up doing it within the next year – thanks for your support!

  4. traci buxton says:

    Yay, Kristen! (insert Cheerleader outfit and pompom imagery 🙂 )

  5. swo8 says:

    Hi Kristen,
    Way to go! You should be excited. I felt the same way when my music got reviewed by Canuckistan Music. Check out my web site and you can listen to my music on iTunes by clicking on the album cover.

  6. Chu says:

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