This weekend I saw The Muppets, which I really enjoyed even though it’s a little slow in the middle and it’s probably made more for adults than kids. But, since it’s marked towards kids all the trailers were for kids movies.

Pirates (2012 release) is a movie that comes out in 2012 and it looks horrible. I admit, I don’t really like pirates to begin with, but a pirate movie made with that dreadful claymation – forget it! I saw that Hugh Grant voices the lead character so hopefully other people won’t hate pirates and claymation as much as me and they will go see the movie. Hugh could use a hit. Here he was a handsome romcom star and now look at him, voicing a clay pirate, and an unsightly one at that. I know Hugh screwed up with the hooker thing, but I’m not one to hold a grudge. I for one would be happy to pay good money to once again watch pasty British Hugh and his wavy mop of hair on the big screen once again. Who’s with me?

The Secret World of Arrietty (February 2012) This is an animated movie about tiny little people, called Borrowers, who live off of and hidden away from humans. It’s based on a 1952 book titled “The Borrowers” and made by the people who brought us Ponyo and Spirited Away. The animation has that Japanese Anime sort of look. I believe it was released internationally in 2010, but only now coming to the states. I liked Sprited Away even though it was sort of freaky. I never did see Ponyo but heard it was good. This new movie looks a bit bland and the story looks sort of old-fashioned like the Disney movie of the 1970’s. It has lines about “the power of friendship” in the trailer – gee I can’t wait. I’ll try not to be cynical on this one. Maybe it will be good?

Brave (2012) Is an animated movie set in old time Scotland -sort of an animated Braveheart – with a red-haired princess as the lead character. This movie made me think that some executives sat in a room and said, “We need more animated movies with brave heroines” and this was the result. I’m not sure why movie executives think that little girls want to watch girl characters in action adventure type movies. I have three daughters and none of them have ever cared for action adventure. I think there must be other characters for girls to relate to besides princesses and princesses that turn in to action heroes. Aren’t there? Please?

The Adventures of Tin Tin: (December 2011) I was getting popcorn. My daughter and husband said it didn’t look very appealing either. It’s a Spielberg film, so I’ll give it the benefit of the doubt.

Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chip-Wrecked (December 2011). I was still getting my $16.00 popcorn and missed this trailer too. Thank God for small miracles. Frankly, I would have paid even more had I only known.

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