This is the best freshly pressed post I’ve read. Your post brightened my day and made me laugh.
– Beverly – Reader comment board

Thank you for daring to say what so many of us are thinking . . .
-Katalin H  Korossy, via email

Kristen, enough of this . . . write a book on it, get on talk shows and especially, “O’Reilly. You can make a mint and then you can go back to Starbucks….”
– Jeeanzcool – reader comment board

This college student read, laughed, and followed.
-Shreya reader – comment board

I laughed. I cried. Thank you for sharing your touching story.
-Aria Cole Asher – reader comment board

This is so freaking funny. Had to close my office door midway, so people would not see me laughing like crazy. Very good!
-Etol Bagam – reader comment board

I loved your Washington Post op-ed … and I’m picking it up to run it in Newsday tomorrow. Thanks!

-Alleen Barber, Deputy Editorial Page Editor, Newsday

Your article not only made me laugh, but it probably saved my hair – and my sanity.
-Cherilyn Cepriano, Reston, VA

I always wait with great anticipation for your closing line. I am always so tempted to quickly scroll to the end, but I know I will enjoy it even more by taking in all the nuances along the way – you know, I need to relax and “just enjoy it.” You are ever hilarious!

-Traci Buxton – reader comment board

. . . thanks for differentiating between the writers strike and the AMPTP’s refusal to negotiate. . . coming from you, and in the pages of a respected paper like The Washington Post, it seems to carry more credibility.
-Bill Fordes, Co-Executive Producer, LAW&ORDER

I read your article and I have only one question to ask you: Don’t you have cable? Or are you another one of those idiotic dumbasses living in a time warp and still watching T.V. with an antenna?
-Shirley D. Jackson, Portland,Oregon

…my backstabbing cousin Jennifer – that made me giggle audibly! Well done.
– Anita Neuman – reader comment board

Outrageous! If this fruit is available anywhere near Marin County, I will pick it up with pleasure. What a crime to let it go to waste!
-Dora Cousley, Marin County

. . . maybe Ms. Hansen Brakeman is the problem and not the multitude of contractors.
– Patrick Buckley, Mission Viejo

10 comments on “FEEDBACK
  1. Sara Niimi says:

    Hilarious and so true!

  2. 機場接送 says:

    I usually don’t post in Blogs but your blog forced me to, amazing work.. beautiful …

  3. Your blog is truly refreshing! Enjoying it very much! Very creative thoughts here. Thank you!

  4. KG Visions says:

    Found you through Freshing Pressed, you are a breath of fresh air 🙂

  5. mickcgorman says:

    your article on the “economic slowdown” ( Have a belt during belt- tightening) had me in stitches. 😀
    Although the article was tongue in cheek its ending, concluding that it is our duty to spend to keep our economies afloat is a sound one. NOT ON CREDIT THOUGH!!! 🙂

  6. Ed Brand says:

    Thanks for the brilliantly incisive and timely perspective. You’ve nailed it – with one important and glaring error: your take on men being addressed as “Sir” as a form of “respect” for men. Nonsense! We males of the species empathize with your pain completely and for the exact same reasons! Our transition from youth to decrepitude is just as sudden, unexpected and degrading as yours. I am not your father, young checkout person, nor am I your commanding officer, your superior, or knight-of-the-realm Paul McCartney! In fact, this country was established precisely to protest the trappings of royalty. Don’t call me “Sir”… M’Lady!

  7. Brian Aardvaark says:

    Poor Chopper… He died among strangers with no family around….. You and your family suck…..

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