More press for “Is That The Shirt You’re Wearing?”

Excited to have my book reviewed by HIKE2FORTY Blog – check it out here!

I love how these are written, little tidbits … I find in my life that humor gets me through it all, even the most hard/tough/difficult times … I know we all have different lives, but at moments they can be oh so similar or even we might go in similar situation but in different ages of our lives … but it is fun to see we can relate & sympathize or commiserate over that similar life situations!! All you need to know is I love KHB style of writing and this book was priceless, precious and so so much fun to read!! I LOVED IT. thank you for the chance to read this. I love this book cover too!! I can’t wait to read more from KHB very very soon. I hope you will check out Kristen Hansen Brakeman very soon. Such a fun read

And thanks to Karen Sargent for featuring an excerpt on her blog KARENSARGENTBOOKS.

By the way Karen’s new book, WAITING FOR BUTTERFLIES, is out and available on Amazon!

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One comment on “More press for “Is That The Shirt You’re Wearing?”
  1. Thanks so much for sharing your excerpt on The MOM Journey and for sharing WAITING FOR BUTTERFLIES on your blog, Kristen!

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