Throw Some Love Thursday


I’m happy to introduce a new feature to my blog, “Throw Some Love Thursday” where I’ll feature a blog I like and/or want to introduce to ya’ll.  I’ll do it every once in awhile – on a Thursday.  Feel free to steal the idea.  I figure, we’re all trying to be heard!

First up is Hairpin Turns Ahead, run by Liesl Testwuide who I was introduced to in last year’s Blogger Idol competition. Liesl had a post go viral last year. Very funny stuff.  Check out Liesl and follow and like and do all that stuff we needy writers appreciate.




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7 responses to “Throw Some Love Thursday

  1. Great idea, and great first blog to highlight. loved her latest post about the middle child. being the oldest of my siblings, and the best, I can’t relate, but I’m sure her child’s concerns are legitimate! 🙂

  2. This is a wonderful, generous idea, Kristen! Will check out her blog now. Judging from the first comment, it’s about middle children. I was the baby of six girls, so no middle child pain for me but I bet a couple of my sisters will shower her with applause:).

  3. Love this idea, Kristen!! And what a perfect first blog to share!! 🙂

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