Throw Some Love Thursday


I’m happy to introduce a new feature to my blog, “Throw Some Love Thursday” where I’ll feature a blog I like and/or want to introduce to ya’ll.  I’ll do it every once in awhile – on a Thursday.  Feel free to steal the idea.  I figure, we’re all trying to be heard!

First up is Hairpin Turns Ahead, run by Liesl Testwuide who I was introduced to in last year’s Blogger Idol competition. Liesl had a post go viral last year. Very funny stuff.  Check out Liesl and follow and like and do all that stuff we needy writers appreciate.


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7 comments on “Throw Some Love Thursday
  1. dodgepoe says:

    Great idea, and great first blog to highlight. loved her latest post about the middle child. being the oldest of my siblings, and the best, I can’t relate, but I’m sure her child’s concerns are legitimate! 🙂

  2. candidkay says:

    This is a wonderful, generous idea, Kristen! Will check out her blog now. Judging from the first comment, it’s about middle children. I was the baby of six girls, so no middle child pain for me but I bet a couple of my sisters will shower her with applause:).

  3. Love this idea, Kristen!! And what a perfect first blog to share!! 🙂

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