Hey Mateys!  Welcome aboard my new blog!*

Frankly I’m not sure anyone wants to read my unedited narcissistic ramblings, but this website came with a built-in blog feature and now I’m stuck trying to fill this empty column.

And, I know that I’m supposed to update the blog on a regular basis, but that’s a lot of pressure –  like the pressure I feel when I have an unread copy of Newsweek sitting on my coffee table and I see another one in my mailbox.   I really don’t need more anxiety in my life, thank you.

My new friend Kathy Hernandez built my website and I think she did a wonderful job.  Really though, I guess I have her to blame for this whole blog thing and my inevitable drop in productivity.  Thanks Kathy – way to shatter my dreams.

You know, it’s actually comforting knowing that I have someone set in place ready to blame for my own failures.

Oh, and feel free to subscribe to my blog, people.  You know, no pressure though.

*Unexplained nautical reference will remain unexplained.

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One comment on “WELCOME!
  1. Lisa P says:

    Rock the blogosphere Kristin!

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